HOUSEGUEST is an independent artist-run project space located in Louisville, Kentucky. The space was founded in January of 2017 (launching in January of 2018) by artist Megan Bickel and her husband, chef, Jacob Wilson. It's location is within the living room of the couple. The space will hold six exhibitions a year: four solo shows and two group exhibitions. All forms of artistry are welcome: painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, installation, poetry, etc. Along side each exhibition will be a small supper pop-up collaborative event which will be by invitation only. We encourage artists to interact and activate the space while exploring new ideas and concepts, with full control over what they create.

HOUSEGUEST is not a business, it is an extension of Megan's studio practice. There is a small submission fee of $10. This covers small supplies such as paint and wall patch.  We simply ask that artists come to make and share their art with Louisville.   

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