Five- Dots is a Midwest-based bi-monthly digital publication working to interview and document local artists, curators, gallerists, architects, and designers in the region about their studio and work process as a paradigm to look at bigger issues such as the financial, social, and mental impacts of being a creative entrepreneur. Five-Dots intends to introduce the public to the 'creative class' at various stages within their careers in hopes that we will contribute to the destigmatization of careers in the arts or non-profit sectors. 

Five-Dots is a collaborative effort between Megan Bickel, multiidiscplinary artist, and Cassandra Zetta, photographer and LGBTQIAPK activist. It began in July 2016 with the intent of opening up the lines of conversation between artists, designers, curators, functional artisans, and the public. Our mission is to maintain a free platform that provides engaging, stimulating, and encouraging conversations that will debunk the myth of the "starving artist". If you are interested in reading, talking with us and live in the region (or work in a digital media), or are interested in donating, head over the the site at the link below. 


* All photos shown are copyrighted to Cassandra Zetta.