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megan bickel


Megan Bickel is a multidiscplinary artist and writer based out of Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated in 2012 from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a BFA in Paintingand has been in numerous regional solo and group exhibitions. Bickel's work generally discusses memory from a neuropsychological, autobiographical, and spiritual perspective. Megan makes an attempt at creating a visual connection between emotions and science. By visually interpreting a neuropsychological explanation of an emotional, spiritual, or physical experience she hopes to entertain a dialogue about how people biologically experience different phenomenon. This is done formally, primarily through abstract expressionist means, utilizing form, color, line, and space to imitate specific emotive qualities. She also explores installation through textile and paint scrap.

She is the Co-Founder and Editor of Five-Dots, an artist ran online magazine collaboration with photographer Cassandra Zetta, and Co-Founder and Gallerist for houseguest, a house gallery ran parallel to her husband's food project, SUPPERCLUB. 

In her spare time she enjoys reading, hanging with her husband and three pets of varying sizes, hiking, and is now making a stab at running marathons.