CGCeramics-37 (1).jpg

megan bickel


multidisciplinary artist // writer based in Louisville, Kentucky.

currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Louisville.

I’m creating image /objects that confuse by way of their materiality. I employ multi-disciplinary approaches and a three-part semiotic system to cultivate a circumstance that instigates a questioning of viewing. By doing so, I attempt to call to question the ethics of mimicry and the dichotomy of the illusion / allusion economy or the aesthetics of assumption in contemporary media images (in this case ‘media’ includes abstract painting) as referenced by Peter Weibel. Stimulating the viewer to call to question disillusionment and intent in mainstream media images.

I hope to cultivate a haptic curiosity in the viewers’ empathetic and relational awareness when consuming any image by engaging them with visual challenge and tactility. Much as protest art of any kind works to activate a questioning of how a viewer interacts with the aforementioned protested subject, thus is a call to action for the viewer’s empathy and understanding.